Radiance Manila Bay - Tower 2

Unit Features


  • Entrance panel door with viewer
  • Intercom per unit connected to the security / reception counter
  • Provisions for:
  • Individual electric and water meter
  • Cable TV line
  • Telephone line per unit
  • Ventilation for kitchen and toilets
  • Window-type air conditioner openings and electrical outlet for all units except units G & H at Zone 1 and units D & E at Zone 2 which will be provided with combination of window-type air condition (bedrooms) and split-type air condition (living/dining)
  • Hot water supply line (excluding water heater) for toilet and kitchen
  • Automatic smoke detectors and fire alarm with sprinkler system in all units
  • Space provision for a washer/dryer for all units
  • Utility room for select 1Br units in Zone 1 (I & R); Utility and maid’s room for all 2Br and 3Br units


Unit Deliverables

3 Bedroom Unit

Unit Deliverables

2 Bedroom Unit

Golden and Plantinum Suites

1 Bedroom Unit

1-3 Bedroom Units

1-2 Bedroom Units

1-2 Bedroom Units

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