RFO Condo At Radiance Manila Bay

Often Sunset is very dramatic, isn’t it?

Like the cliché saying, it is actually a reminder that there is beauty in goodbyes. It paints the horizon with multitude of colors and leaves behind a breathtaking landscape to gaze upon in awe and wonder.

The Radiance Manila Bay, by its name itself already elicits something like living near the coast. Indeed, it is. It is a dream to many to live near the sea. And this condominiums spot is perfect for anyone who loves the view and breeze of the ocean while they are in the middle of a busy life.
Besides, don’t you just want to spend every end of your day with the most perfect painting scene ever created? The great and glorious sun setting in the vast skyline showering the heavens with hues? It’s like a way of bidding goodbye to the worries of today and saying hello to a new and better tomorrow.

Nothing compares to that perspective. That relaxing vibe you get at the end of a very exhausting day of living in the city. Situated along the famous Roxas Boulevard grazing over the Pasay City skyline is a two tower condominium established by the Robinsons Land Corporation. Each unit size ranging from 36 square meters to 167.15sqm are very affordable rooms if you are dreaming to live gloriously within the city. It’s like enjoying your every day trip to the beach in a contemporary way.
A date by the shore is also something to think about. Radiance Manila bay allows you and your partner to enjoy a beach-like scenery without having to leave the city especially if you work within the place. If you and your partner are looking for a romantic place where you can both unwind and just enjoy each other’s company as if you were on a vacation, then it is high time you experience what this development has to offer. It is such a great choice for a couple starting their new life together.

We all know that Robinsons Land creates buildings in a way where you can classify it as their own along with other towers. However, there’s so much more to this place than just any other one they have built. They never cease to amaze people as they merge technology with their residential creations, ensuring that each place is as unique as they can be.

Their units were created with vinyl tiles for its flooring and ceramic tiles for its walls. Rooms are provided with kitchen and toilet, which have their own line of electrical system provisions. Adequately spaced rooms for singles and for families with natural lighting and ventilation. There many units you can choose from.

But there is something this place can boast about. We are in the era of energy saving methods and it is wonderful to know that this place thrives for causes such as this. If you are worried about the weather rising up to the maximum heat during warm weather, especially during summer knowing that the country is in a tropical area, fear not. Because the 30 story building was carefully designed with the newly established principle of green architecture. Since the world is getting hotter and hotter by the minute due to global warming and pollution, there are accumulation of wastes anywhere you turn your head on, water shortage is going viral, rise of buildings replacing farm fields and many others, it is a necessary for us to help in the protection and prevention of the total destruction of our environment. The green architecture principle surrounding Radiance Manila Bay is all about minimizing the harmful effects of modernization with the use of material and energy saving mechanisms and orienting people to recycle and to take care of their environment in order to create a more sustainable and human friendly ecosystem.  What a perfect combination, right? Such a win-win situation and an inspiration. You have your dream home and you’re helping to save the world. It’s a stepping stone for you and the future generation to be able to develop the concern for nature. Imagine the Hanging garden of Babylon which is one the wonders of the ancient world.

Sounds fascinating as it looks, that is one of the many reasons why this is one of the best places to be. Yet, as you indulge yourselves to getting closer to nature, you can enjoy the different amenities this place has to offer. The developer knows the wants and needs of every individual. They created Radiance to be everybody’s home as they enjoy the modern luxury of life. From function rooms, kid’s play area, several types of entertainment rooms for your friends and family, relaxation areas like fitness centers, spa and massage room, meditation garden, a 50 meter lap pool, kids pool, nature inspired pathways to roof deck lounges.

Though it is located in the most frenzied location for traffic and life, one of its advantages is its accessibility to different cultural facilities and landmarks so it is not that hard to find. You can hang out and stroll in the nearby commercial and shopping complexes like Mall of Asia and Robinsons Place Manila because it is just a few minute drive if you feel like staying outdoors. Health emergencies are the least of your worries because the best hospitals are also within reach such as the Philippine General Hospital, Manila Doctor’s Hospital, along with and prominent universities for your kids and students like De La Salle universities, University of the Philippines and many others. It is a very strategically positioned residence found in the midst of the busiest place in the country, yet it gives new meaning to the word serene.

You don’t have to look elsewhere for a more at ease and suitable lifestyle for your outdoor cravings. Let the radiance of a sophisticated and eco-friendly environment, radiate in your life.
This condominium stands by the shore of Manila, proudly telling all who see it that there’s just no place like home.

Because, as Radiance awaits for you, so is the world. Well, it is never too late to start.

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