Radiance Manila Bay - PRICE LIST

Robinsons Land : Radiance Manila Bay For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 7,900,000 - 15,700,000 40 sqm - 74.49 sqm
1 Bedroom Executive ₱ 12,100,000 59 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 11,900,000 - 16,300,000 63.60 sqm - 80 sqm

Reservation: Php 50,000

1. 95% of TCP within 30 days, 5% of TCP on the 27th month
2. 100% of TCP in 27 mos
3. 20% of TCP in 6 mos, 15% of TCP in 27 mos, 65% of TCP on the 27th month
4. 10% of TCP in 1 mo, 25% of TCP in 25 mos, 65% of TCP on the 27th mo
5. 5% of TCP in 1 mo, 30% of TCP in 25 mos, 65% of TCP on the 27th mo
6. 30% of TCP in 26 mos, 70% of TCP on the 27th mo
7. 25% of TCP in 26 mos, 75% of TCP on the 27th mo
8. 20% of TCP in 26 mos, 80% of  TCP on the 27th mo
9. 15% of TCP in 26 mos, 85% of TCP on the 27th mo


Why You Should Invest In Radiance Manila Bay

Robinsons Residences is one of the country’s fastest growing real estate companies, with connections to major industries in the Philippines. Just the name of the company alone is enough to guarantee a good investment.

Young professionals, newly married couples, growing families, and even empty-nesters will find a beautiful new home in Radiance Manila Bay. The exciting mix of lifestyle and cultural destinations, unique amenities that promote overall wellness, and luxuriously finished, spacious condominium units will definitely offer them a relaxed yet truly cosmopolitan lifestyle that they will never find anywhere else.

This area is perhaps one of the most expensive districts in Metro Manila for almost a century, with land prices appreciating year after year. This said, investing in a pre-selling development such as Radiance Manila Bay will be profitable if you are planning to rent out your unit to employees and executives in the nearby foreign embassies and government executives, or as a short-term rental for tourists looking for a cozier, more comfortable alternative to a hotel.

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